Publicações Recentes em Periódicos (2016 - 2019)

SOARES, P. B.; SILVA JUNIOR, O. M.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.; BIDINOTTO, J. H.. Data Mining-Based Analysis of Alert Messages of Executive Aircraft. IEEE Latin America Transactions, Aceito para Publicação.

RECHE, E. A.; SOUSA, J. V.; COURY, D. V.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.. Data Mining-Based Method to Reduce Multiple Estimation for Fault Location in Radial Distribution Systems. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Early Access.

SOUSA, J. V.; COURY, D. V.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.. A Survey on Cloud Computing Applications in Smart Distribution Systems. Electric Power Components and Systems, Early Access.

ANDRADE, L. C. M.; NANJUNDASWAMY, T.; OLESKOVICZ, M.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.; ROSE, K.. Advances in Classification and Compression of Power Quality Signals. Journal of Control, Automation and Electrical Systems, Early Access.

MALLQUI, D. C. A.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.. Predicting the direction, maximum, minimum and closing prices of daily Bitcoin exchange rate using machine learning techniques. Applied Soft Computing, v. 75, p. 596-606, 2019.

CAROPRESO, R. T.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.; OSORIO, D. P. M.; SILVA, I. N.. An Open Source Framework for Smart Meters: Data Communication and Security Traffic Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, v. 66, p. 1638-1647, 2019.

NUNES, G. S.; SILVA, R. S.; SANTOS, A. F.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.; SERRAO, F. V.; NORONHA, M.. Methods to Assess Patellofemoral Joint Stress: A Systematic Review. Gait & Posture, v. 61, p. 188-196, 2018. 

BOND, P. S.; SOUZA, L. C. L.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.. Percepção da paisagem sonora no parque da represa em São José do Rio Preto, SP. Ambiente Construído, v. 18, p. 143-160, 2018.

SPAVIERI, G.; FERREIRA, R. T. M.; FERNANDES, R. A. S. ; LAGE, G. G.; BARBOSA, D.; OLESKOVICZ, M.. Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Approach for Parameterization of Power Capacitor Models Fed by Harmonic Voltages. Applied Soft Computing, v. 56, p. 55-64, 2017.

ANDRADE, L. C.M.; OLESKOVICZ, M.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.. Adaptive Threshold Based on Wavelet Transform Applied to the Segmentation of Single and Combined Power Quality Disturbances. Applied Soft Computing, v. 38, p. 967-977, 2016.

FERNANDES, R. A. S.; LAGE, G. G. ; DA COSTA, G. R. M. . A Decision-making Framework Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Agents for Transmission Grid Operation. Electric Power Components and Systems, v. 44, p. 883-893, 2016.

LOPES, L. A.; MACHADO, V. P. ; RABÊLO, R. A. L. ; FERNANDES, R. A. S.; LIMA, B. V. A.. Automatic labelling of clusters of discrete and continuous data with supervised machine learning. Knowledge-Based Systems, v. 106, p. 231-241, 2016.

BORGES, F. A. S.; FERNANDES, R. A. S.; SILVA, I. N.; SILVA, C. B. S.. Feature Extraction and Power Quality Disturbances Classification Using Smart Meters Signals. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, v. 12, p. 824-833, 2016.

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